Massimo Piubelli - vocals

Marco Baschera - keyboards

Marco Ciscato - guitars

Paolo Iemmi - bass

Marco Piccoli - drums 



"Searching For Reflections" (album) - 2009
"The Marble Column" (digital single) - 2010
"Light My Fire" (EP) - 2012
"The Silence Of Wisdom" (album) - 2015

"The Angel Lies Dying" (digital single) - 2016

"A Trick" (digital single) - 2020

"A Dystopian Tale" (digital single) - 2020

"Before The Wrath" (digital single) - 2020

"Clockworks" (album) - 2020

"Wreckage" (digital single) - 2021



"Waiting For The Moon" (tribute to The Doors - track: "Light My Fire") - 2011
"HardRockParty vol.1" (tracks: "Destruction of Idols" - "Firth of Firth") - 2015

"Pistoia Blues Next Generation" (track: "The Lord of Empty Spaces") - 2015

"Neon" (directed by Cristian Biondani)
"The Marble Column" (directed by Valentina Fusa)
"Light My Fire" (directed by Valentina Fusa)

"The Lord Of Empty Spaces" (directed by Valentina Fusa / Dario Manfrinati)

"Destruction Of Idols" (directed by Valentina Fusa / Methodica)

"The Angel Lies Dying" - acoustic version (directed by Marco Ciscato)

"Only Blue" (directed by Valentina Fusa)

"J." (directed by Marco Ciscato / Marco Baschera)

"A Trick" (directed by Andrea Moserle - Mose's  Productions)

"A Dystopian Tale" (directed by Valentina Fusa)

"Before The Wrath" (directed by Andrea Moserle - Mose's Productions)

"Wreckage" (directed by Massimo Piubelli)

"Back To Black" (directed by Andrea Moserle - Mose's Productions)


EXprog Festival 2010 - with Marillion and Moongarden
Pistoia Blues 2011 - opening act for Skunk Anansie
Vallemaggia Magic Blues 2011 - Cevio, Switzerland - opening act for Uriah Heep
2 Days Prog 2011 - Veruno - with Riverside and Anathema
Play Art Festival 2011 - Arezzo
Metarock 2011 - Pisa

Garden Prog Festival 2012 - opening act for Pendragon

Pistoia Blues 2015 - opening act for Dream Theater and Queensryche

European Summer Tour 2016 with Queensryche

European Summer Tour 2017 with Queensryche

European Winter Tour 2018 with Fates Warning